Near to 3 million inhabitants and 12 million tourists a year show the Canary Islands being as an active point in its tourism and commercial activities.

Canary archipelago have got the advantage in its excellent AIR and MARITIME connectivity:

  • 8 airports of which 6 are international: Canary Islands receive more than 35 million of passengers per year. 43 flights per week are to African destinations, including the main airports of Morocco, Senegal, Mauritania, Cape Verde, Gambia.

  • 26 commercial ports and 20 marinas: Canary Islands receive more than 6, 6 million of passengers. The biggest port of the Western Africa is located in Canary Islands (Puerto de la Luz y de Las Palmas).

There is a wide network of commercial ports, fishing ports and marinas, some of which rank among the Spanish leading ports in passenger and freight traffic. The Canary Islands are a crossroads in the routes between Europe, America, Africa and, in the few last decades, Asia. In addition, the Canary Islands ports represent a strategic station in the Atlantic for supplies, bunkering and ship and oilrig repairs. In the year 2011, they moved a total of 38,322,368 freight tons and are among the first three hydrocarbons logistics and distribution points.

Weekly flights to the main European and African cities, maritime connections to all the main international ports, latest technology communications insure global connectivity from the Canary Islands.